Level-It Field Test

LEVEL-IT Pneumatic Sway Assist®

The latest from ORI Struts is our Level-it Pneumatic Sway Assist!

For years, off-road enthusiasts have been looking for a way to dump their heavy sway bars. Now you can get stability approaching that of a sway bar pneumatically and without all the added weight and unpredictable stiffness.

Level-It Features:

  • Activates to increase spring rate on load side in hard turns and on 4⁰+ side-hills.
  • Reactively stiffens load side instantly only when and where needed to reduce body roll.
  • No electrical or external inputs or outputs.
  • Helps improve ride over choppy surfaces.
  • True 4-wheel independence for improved high-speed straight-line tracking over rugged, uneven terrain.
  • Stability approaches that of a sway bar without the undesirable rigidity.
  • Install along with or without existing reservoirs (less effective with external reservoir).
  • Attaches to gas shocks or struts with a Schrader gas valve fitting port.

Level-It Includes:

PF-331 – 60″ Hose (2)

PC-318 – Swivel Mounting Brackets Clamp to Straight or X-Bars (1 Set, Frame Tube Reducer Bushings Included). Fits frame tube sizes: 1″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, and 2″.

PC-319 & PC-327 – Mounting Screws and Washers (2)

PC-213 – 90⁰ Elbow Fittings (2)

PC-328 – T-Fittings (2)

PC-008 – Schrader Valves (2)