Decades of engineering and design excellence provide unparalleled stability and reliability.

Rule Off-Road

Go to the rugged extreme with ORI’s innovative design, overcoming rocks and boulders from the foothills to the treacherous mountaintops.

Stability You Can Bank On

ORI Struts’ innovative nitrogen-filled internal bypass dual-chamber design gets your off-road rig trail-ready to tackle the dunes, desert and off-camber hillsides.

Record-setting Strut Performance

Gudbjørn Grimsson set the 2014 hydroplaning world record on ORI-designed suspension — 54 MPH across more than 1,000 feet of an Icelandic river in a 1,600 HP formula off-road racer.

Your World is Waiting Off Road

Off-Road Innovations — ORI — Struts are designed to keep you going. Our unique, nitrogen-filled long travel suspension systems are conceived, designed and built to help you take on the dunes, rocks, deserts and hills that you encounter. For recreation or racing, ORI Struts are built for performance with high deflection angle articulation, a high load capacity and incredible body-roll stability to keep you going.

Corner faster. Climb steeper. Get the most out of your off-road ride. You rely on your skill and technique to traverse the terrain. You rely on your struts to keep you running on the trail.

Stability … bank on it.

STX Strut Black