Stability...Bank on it

STX Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your ST model strut to a high-performance STX strut. Kit includes all items shown to add:

  • High-flow oil return
  • Tunable, velocity-sensitive compression damping
  • Ability to set ride height anywhere within stroke of piston shaft; no more mid-stroke setting to achieve smooth ride

STX Seal Kit

All seals and O-rings needed to completely renew your STX strut. (Oil sold separately)

STX Rebuild Kit

Includes a complete seal kit and other parts to refurbish your strut performance to new condition.

Fork Fluid 5w

For all STX struts upper chamber.

For STX struts lower chamber with 2016 and newer version rebound damping.

Fork Oil 10w

For bottom chamber of STX struts 2015 and older.

STX Lower Mount Rebound Assembly Upgrade

Includes all parts and oil (1 bottle oil for each 2 kits purchased) to completely replace any STX lower mount rebound damping assembly. This upgrade provides much stronger, positive rebound response to tackle the wheel bounce and chassis bounce experienced with heavy axles and heavy sprung weight.


All STX struts shipped beginning January 2016 come with this upgrade.


Struts shipped prior to January 2013 will require machining modification to piston or new piston.


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