Stability...Bank on it

STX Strut with Integral or
Remote Reservoir

Flex your off-road advantage with externally-adjustable compression damping, available with ORI’s lineup of optional reservoirs.


Available assembled with new STX Strut orders or as a kit for simple retrofit to previously installed STX Struts. Reservoirs can be mounted to any of ORI’s STX Struts.


ORI Integral and remote reservoirs enhance the performance features of our popular STX Strut:

  • When combined with an STX Strut, both the integral and remote reservoirs provide a total of 3-, 4-, or 5-stage modular compression damping. Stages can be added or removed to meet your performance requirements. Length of stroke for each stage is also tunable.
  • 24-position external compression damping adjustment
  • More oil capacity for longer stroke compression damping
  • Integral reservoir can be rotated to any position 360° around the strut body and locked into place for ease of installation.
  • Deep-fin design allows these reservoirs to double as external oil coolers for extreme desert heat and high-speed driving conditions.
  • Integral design requires no external hoses, or you can choose the remote option with hose when mounting location and space are restricted.
  • Our piggyback reservoir option, while not offering the multi-stage modular damping and adjustability features, provides a low-cost alternative where its added compressible gas volume reduces spring rate and helps to soften your ride.

Reservoir Install/Tuning

See inside the STX Strut

STX Strut with Piggyback Reservoir

Get the maximum in low-cost utility and versatility with an ORI Struts Piggyback Reservoir.


The ORI Struts Piggyback Reservoir is designed for rugged, heavy rigs requiring a high pressure nitrogen gas fill, which consequently increases the spring rate and makes for a harsh ride. The reservoir will catch and retain any excess oil forced from the strut during high-impact operation and seamlessly return the oil to the strut on the rebound stroke, ensuring a smooth and steady ride with unsurpassed stability.


The reservoir can mount directly to the chassis, servicing the strut through a durable, flexible hose, or can “piggyback” on the ORI strut with a prefabricated UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) bracket, included in each piggyback reservoir kit.


Your ORI Strut with Piggyback Reservoir will give you the safety and stability you need to get out there — and back again.


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