Buggy Time (Previously RCrocs Class 2 Competitor)

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Off Road Buggy (Previously RCrocs Class 2 Competitor)I’ve competed at Rausch Creek rock crawling comps for the last 5 years did very well, nearly all podium finishes, for class 2 a stock modified class.
But it is time to grow, I want to compete on the harder courses and start racing. My little CJ-5 has done me well but just wont do what the sport has grown into.
I just sold my CJ, and took the year off to build my buggy that I’ve been designing, for both a rock crawling/ rock racing comp buggy.
I have the whole drive-train, I just need to buy the suspension I actually came to ORIstruts.com to check prices and saw the sponsorship contest. How I would love to represent ORI.

Eliminate Bump Stops, Limit Straps, Sway Bars and Unloading

My plan was always to go with the ORIs I’m an engineer and I love the engineering behind the ORIs. Eliminate the need for bump stops limit straps and sway bares no unloading on climbs and off camber what more can you ask for.

I designed my buggy around 14″ struts front and 16″ struts rear.
I’ve gone through about 10 different iterations from front/rear engine, trans axle, 3/4link, IFS. One thing that hasn’t changed are the Struts.

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Buggy Time (Previously RCrocs Class 2 Competitor), 3.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

4 thoughts on “Buggy Time (Previously RCrocs Class 2 Competitor)

  1. I just want to thank ORI for putting on such a contest, with out companies like you this sport would not be where it is today.

    To prove my rock crawling career here are all trophies I’ve won in the last few years.

    And here is a video from on of the competitions last year I was in first until I rolled but still far enough in the lead to maintain 2nd.
    Sad day to let the CJ-5 go but it is time to build a better rig.

    Here is my buggy Pirate4x4 build thread.

    Buggy Highlights.
    ORI 14″ struts 3 link, up front
    ORI 16″ struts 3 link, in rear
    110″ Wheel base 2 seater front engine.
    Ecotec 2.2 OEM injection, eventually supercharged.
    Jeep AX-15 5spd bolts straight up.
    Atlas II 5.0
    Front Dana 60 Ford high pinion ball joint custom knuckles 5.38
    Rear Dana 60 high pinion 35spline semi floater 5.38

    The design is set right now I’m in the middle of knocking down a wall in the shop to make room for the build.

    Thanks again for this opportunity

  2. The new buggy will be a lot more photogenic especially with a big ORI sticker stamped on the side.

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